Rubber Spring

  • Rubber Spring 

The rubber spring is a combination of two kinds of materials such as metal spring and rubber. It combines the advantages of metal spring and rubber elasticity. Rubber spring is a kind of polymeric elastomer with efficient anti-vibration, small resonance region, long service life, low cost and good cold tolerance, air tightness, waterproof, electrical insulativity, and it is the best choice for reducing vibration.

  • Specification

Load: 300 kg
Steel wire: PIANOWIRE/SWP-B size Ø6.5 mm.
Fatigue Test: Nf : 500,000 or more times.

  • Application
Industrial machinery such as vibration machinery, trucks, trains,etc. Rubber springs are commonly used in mechanical equipment, vehicle and suspensions to provide vibration damping and cushioning. Rubber springs can also be designed in a variety of configurations depending on different products.